Cruise to the Southern Caribbean Jan, 2008
Last Day 9 (01/12/2008)

We woke up today, back in Puerto Rico!  We had to pack most of our luggage the night before, because the come by to take your luggage during the evening.  You then can pick it up at the dock after you leave.  I guess this helps eliminate the mess of people carrying around a lot of luggage through the place.  3000 people trying to leave all at once could get ugly!  The disembarcation process went faster than they expected, so we didn't have to wait at all in the specified grouping place. 

Below is a little tour of our (messy!) stateroom.  Bear in mind, we had the mini-suite, which is almost twice the size of a normal stateroom.  We had a full bathtub, and extra couch area.

Back in PR!  The view outside our balcony.  The
Dock is below, hotels in the distance.
Gettin' ready for the day!  All my stuff was on this
little desk, which had the one power outlet available!
The bathroom, left side.  The toilet had a massive,
power flush when you pushed the button on the
wall!  You had to close the lid to flush.

Right side of bathroom
Closet outside bathroom (which is on left).
The doors are mirrored, and the left one is closed.
View into the room. Cabinet on R has a little'fridge inside.

After we got off the ship, I went over to the Sheraton hotel and picked up a Hertz rental car that I had reserved.  We had quite a bit of time before our plane was to leave, so I managed to maneuver my way through the significant traffic by the port, and pick up mom and our luggage.  I had my GPS running, and we drove around PR for a bit, going on the roads that were closest to the beaches.  We stopped at one place near some residences (or possibly time-shares), and walked around.  Saw this rather expensive car parked nearby!

Got back in the car, and drove around to another site that looked more like an official beach, although almost no one was there.  I rented a couple chairs, and mom went for a little walk in the water.  It is alledged that I feel asleep! :-)

This was a private beach area.  Beautiful water!
I think it was a Bentley!

Mom, checking out the water!
Me, studying the inside of my eyelids.

We ate lunch at Fuddruckers, in a plaza we came across.  After travelling around a little more, we headed to the airport.  Got there in ample time, got through security ok (aside from poor mom always being called out for screening, probably due to her replacement hip), and made our way back to Rochester.

We arrived safely home, and my brother Tom and his wife Sue were at the airport to greet us.  Of course, the temperature here was a little cooler than what we were used to!  In fact, after a day back, we both felt under-the-weather for a few days - a bit longer for mom.

Can't say it was good to be back!  It certainly was an enjoyable vacation.  Princess' motto is, "Escape Completely!"  Indeed, we did just that.

If you ever have the chance to go on a cruise, I highly recommend it!  Its really an inexpensive vacation, when you factor in all that you get.  I saw places I'd never dreamed I'd see.  Meeting people is very fun too!  I met Nancy the first night at the buffet.  She works for Ebay security (of their buildings and datacenters) in CA.  Would have loved to have talked with her again, but with 3000 people aboard, you don't often see the same people twice.  That's why we chose the assigned seating - so you CAN see the same people again! :-)

Thanks for sharing this with me.


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