Cruise to the Southern Caribbean Jan, 2008
Day 7 (01/10/2008)

Aruba!!!  This island is 75 miles off the cost of Argentina, and is one of three islands that I just discovered are no longer part of the Netherland Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao: The "ABC" Islands declared independence in 1986.  This is one of the more densly-populated islands we visited, holding over 100,000 people.

Mom and I went out to check out the island.  We found a tour for $15 each, and took that.  One of the stops was a very large rock formation that you could walk up, and see all over.  I did, and took the following pictures of the island:

Their "disclaimer", heh!
Houses and greenery.  Note that its fairly dry.

More rock formations.  Mom at bottom!
You can see the cruise ship in the distance!
The highest peak in the island.

Mom found some pretty flowers!
Our tour group, at the lighthouse
Saw a parasailer!  Looks like fun!

We stopped at a beach, where we almost thought we were going to be stranded for some time.  Apparently, a couple of the people in the tour had made arrangements with the tour guy to let them do some snorkeling.  At this beach, they tried to obtain the equipment, but found there was a long wait, and they would have very little time to do anything.  Thankfully, they just stayed, and the rest of us continued back to the ship.

Sure is a purdy beach!
Not super-densly populated.

After the tour, we stopped by a shopping mall.  It looked like something from Disney!  We spoke with one of the merchants there selling her wares:

3 stories of shops!
Got purse?

We ate at a Burger King on the second floor.  It had a escalator to go up, but a spiral stairway was the only way to go down!

Funny T-shirt with their local language (click pic to enlarge)
More shops.  Note the vibrant colors!

Tonight was the second formal dinner night.  We were invited to the Captain's Coctail Party, which is really just a brief get-together and chance to take your picture with the captain for those who have travelled on more than one Princess cruise.  We sat next to Mary B McDonald, who is a travelling journalist.  Very interesting lady!

Mom and Mary B
Us, with the captain.  We purchased the professional
pic they took of this shot, as theirs came out very nice.

Our dinner table!
We saw this juggler after dinner at one of the lounges.
He was balancing a wine bottle on his chin, with a plate
on top, with 4 glasses of wine on top!  Here's a video!

While at the lounge with the juggler, we sat next to a couple: Dick and Jean Gran.  It turns out that Mr. Gran is really Dr. Richard Gran, one of the people who helped develop the Apollo lunar module for the trip to the moon!  We only had a short time to talk, but it was fascinating talking with him!

Dr. Gran and his wife Jean
Sole, Elaine, and Rocky of the Cruise Director Staff

After the juggler, we met three of the girls of the cruise director staff.  The last of the ballroom dance classes was going on, but I didn't go because I had no partner.  I was relating this to the girls, when Sole said, "Let's go!", and we went to the dance class and danced!  One my my highlights!

We had a ball!
Isn't she cute?!

I went to see the late show at the Princess theatre.  Really beautiful stuff!

Ladies hats had little cities on them that lit up!
Part of a scene from England

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